Times are changing and so are our lives.  The Spokesman editor position is a BIG job and time commitment!!  Each year it is harder to find someone with the spare time to take this giant task on.  Our current editor has stepped down and HBC VP Jeff Hoch is now filling in to get the Spokesman published and out.  But, the time has come to discontinue the Spokesman publication and our last issue will be the Nov/ Dec  2014 newsletter.  Jeff will continue to be our editor until that time.   After that time, as now, all HBC event information can be accessed on our HBC website.  Remember not all HBC rides are listed and you must sign up to the ride distribution lists to receive those notices.   For those of you who paid for a hard copy beyond December 2014, we are working on a refund/credit/Biker Buck$ which can go toward renewing your membership or put towards the cost of our club events like the Spring Fling and Fall Tour and even club merchandise.   If you are interested in assisting Jeff with the editorial / publication generation of our HBC Spokesman please send an email to Jeff Hoch at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.