H. Scott Kieffer a Professor of Health and Exercise Science at Messiah College is running a cycling study in the  Human Performance Lab in which they are using cyclists to ride a 10 mile TT with and without caffeine conditions.  

Professor Kieffer and his team are looking for competitive and recreational riders that that can push the pace a little to stress their physiology. They are giving Free VO2 max testing as part of the study + the hard training rides + an invitation to ride in their lab on their Velotron following the study.  Depending on the place, VO2 max testing can run between $200-$500.  Professor Kieffer is hoping to give the riders something for their time, plus a whole lot of information regarding the physiological response to high intensity riding.  

Professor Kieffer is working with 5 top level undergraduates who have already been testing the Messiah College Cycling Team.They will be conducting this study over the next few months and into next Fall.  It is hopeful that they can get this studied published.

If interested in participating in this exciting study, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..