The meeting on October 11 was an important one.  The by-law changes were passed and are now posted on the website. The 2017 slate of officers was voted in unanimously and they are:

President: Dave LeRoy

President-Elect: Susan Casto

VP 1: Howard Ross

VP 2: Glenn Wareham

Treasurer: Dick Norford

Secretary: Peggy Hampton 

Anthony Berger from PennDOT explained a lot about the procedures PennDOT uses to get input from the public and how PennDOT is gradually changing to be more inclusive of all road users. Geoff Knight, Harrisburg City Planner, spoke about a lot of exciting improvement that Harrisburg is working to implement, including adding multiple bike lanes and bike routes. One big project Harrisburg would like to see completed as soon as possible is the reconstruction of the Cumberland Valley Railroad Bridge on the south end of City Island so it could be used for bikers, pedestrians and mass transit.  This bridge would provide and important connection between Lemoyne and Harrisburg.  This picture above represents one conceptual vision for this bridge. 

And Mark Riordan won the 50/50 raffle which benefits the HBC Janet Pontius safety fund. 


Save the dates for these 2017 HBC General Membership Meetings:

Wed. Jan. 11 at HACC, Midtown

Wed. Feb. 8 at HACC Midtown 

Tues. Mar. 14 at Camp Hill Giant