Learn important information about how nutrition can improve your cycling.

The meeting will be held at HACC, Midtown. 1500 N. 3rd Street, Room 202, Harrisburg, The presenter is Heather Bedell.  Heather is owner of Heather Bedell Health.  She is a Health Coach, Life Coach and wholeness coach, which are just a few of her qualifications. She is a cyclist, Alpine Ski Instruction, Alpine Racing Instructor and personal trainer.  

This new meeting location in the vibrant Midtown Section of Harrisburg offers a convenient, centrally located venue for all HBC members. There is free and safe parking in the HACC lot on Reilly Street, one-half block east of the midtown campus.  HACC is graciously allowing us to meet in their building free of charge. The Midtown area is also the center of Harrisburg’s growing bike culture. Stop by the Zer0day Brewing Company, located on the west side of the Midtown Cinema, afterwards for some post-meeting social time. 

Underground Bike Shop Will be Open on Feb. 8 Before the Membership Meeting

Before the meeting, plan to stop and visit the Midtown area’s newest establishment, the Underground Bike Shop.  Owner Ian Morrison is offering new and used bicycles, service and equipment. Many of you know Ian from the Pedal Pusher and Recycle Bicycle. The shop is at 1519 N. 3rd St., very close to HACC Midtown (1500 N. 3rd St.). Ian will be at the shop from 9:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m., so be sure to pay him a visit. He provided great refreshments for us before the Jan. meeting! The shop officially opens for business on Feb. 4, with a grand opening planned for the weekend of April 22.