Safety, as well as the annual Harrisburg Bicycle Club Fair, will highlight the HBC March general meeting.  Tuesday, March 14 at 7:00 PM in the Camp Hill Giant Community Room, members will hear about the newest in cyclist’s safety equipment and then partake of the annual “HBC Fair”. 

This year’s Fair will feature information and sign up for ride leaders, cold weather riders, 3 Creek Century riders, Fall Tour riders, Finger Lakes riders, Spring Fling riders, Rail Trail riders, Single Track riders and Tandem riders,  We are riders and our fair is for you! 

Additional tables will be available for advocacy, maneuvering the HBC web site, the annual banquet, touring and a special table to answer questions for new members of the Club.

Be safe with the latest safety gear and be informed about the Club at this key meeting of the year as you prepare for the spring, summer and fall cycling seasons.