Please ask your PA House Members to co sponsor the following two bills, which will make cycling safer in Pennsylvania. Also, pass this on to any other organizations including social/recreational clubs. 


This bill prevents the use of hand held phones.    Sponsored by DeLuca; only 10 co sponsors.  He’ll be asking Taylor/Keller, Chairs of the Transportation Committee to hold hearings and/or a Committee vote.   His chance of success depends on showing more support for the legislation from both Democrat and Republican House Members.   Getting them to co sponsor is an important means of showing support.

Bicyclists are well aware of motorists who are using their cell phones and are distracted as they “close in” on them on the roadways.  

HB 1646:  This is the vulnerable roadway user bill.   It increases fines for injuring or killing a vulnerable roadway user. Current penalties are shamefully low. Bicyclists are included in the definition.

You’ll find that language has been added specifically for vulnerable roadway users. This new category includes quite a few users other than bicyclists. Proceed further you’ll find that the fine presently for death is  $500 – the bill increases this for vulnerable road users category to $10,000. Same with injuries; presently fine is for all cases $250 according to the law; the fine goes to $5,000 for serious injury and $1,000 for injury. 

The bill was introduced in July by House Member Miller from Lancaster County where there is a sizeable Amish population. is the link for reading all the bills. is the link for finding your House Representative and his/her contact info. 

Call or email your representative about these bills as soon as possible. 

Pat Krebs

Manager, LVBC

717 832 0105