The cyclists listed below are HBC members who have cycled across the United States.

Some have done it solo, others in small groups. Some have done the Trans-America or Bicentennial Route. 

Some have even done the entire perimeter of our country! All set out to accomplish an epic journey have completed it. 

All have tales to tell for the rest of their lives.

Earl Brooks

Jim Buckheit

Sharon Brumbaugh

Rick Close

Dave Cutliff

Dave Erb

Richard Green

Cindy Hoehn

Tim Hoehn

Jim Kehew

Es Kehew

John Lippert

Keith Marks

Kathy McDermott

Steve McDermott

Dan Miles

Owen Moore

Bob Morris

Fred Richter

Tanya Richter

Mark Riordan

Carole Rockland

Ed Rockland

Levon Stoltzfus

Wayne Stoltzfus

John Yanno

 Jim Buckheit at the Pacific Ocean… August 2017