11 November 2017

Harrisburg, PA 

The Harrisburg Bicycle Club is pleased to announce the 2017 Service Before Self Award to Larry Riley.  

The most important role in our club is ride leader.   Larry has led 140 rides.  His rides always involve a pre determined and pre checked route, a review of proper safety precautions with warm friendly welcome to new members.  With a ride report much like a short story including the GPS route.  He pays very close attention to the equipment and ability of all riders; reminding everyone that the rides are for fun.

Before joining the Harrisburg Bicycle Club, Larry a native of Erie, PA served in the US Marine Corps in Vietnam during the height of combat in that zone.  After the service he joined the Pennsylvania State Police retiring after 36 years of service as a captain.  

Soon after retiring, taking up bike riding with his lovely wife Diane.  Then putting his leadership skills to work has trained dozens of his regular riders to be ride leaders starting as sweeps.

Not just to be the rider out front but caring for the riders, the communities we visit and always consideration to the passing motorists.   Assisting in minor bike repairs and offering maintenance tips before, during and after all rides.  

His Saturday Morning Social rides have become so popular HBC has been ask to not start from certain locations simple because of the number of vehicles being parked there.  Recognizing that some riders had difficulty holding the pace along with one of his trainees split the group into a slower / shorter and faster /longer rides.

In the finest Owen Moore tradition all riders’ especially new comers are introduced and welcomed each ride concludes with a bottle of chocolate milk and an invitation to join the ever-growing group for lunch.   His rides are social, educations and enjoyable.

Larry has served the club in many other capacities including parking coordinator for the Three Creek Century.    As his love for riding grew so did his wrenching ability where he has offered his services to Recycle Bicycle Harrisburg in the past.

His love for animals has led him to adopt older mature dogs giving them a most wonderful family and home. 

So it is with great pleasure that the officers of the Harrisburg Bicycle Club bestow upon Larry Riley this award and added benefit of a lifetime membership.

HBC 2017 Officers