The Role of the Ride Leader


Joining an HBC ride is more than just going for a "bike ride".  It is an opportunity to meet new people, learn new cycling techniques and ride in new areas.  When joining an HBC ride you are joining a "group ride" which can bring a level of safety but it also brings new challenges.  It is the ride leader that sets the tone of the ride.  The ride leader plans the route and includes locations where stops and rest breaks can be taken safely. Many of the roads we ride on offer very little opportunity for vehicles to pass large groups of riders.  Limited sight distance, not enough room to pass due to oncoming traffic and anxiety on the part of the motorist play a role.  Also motorists sometimes lose patience and pass cyclists when it is unsafe to do so causing dangerous situations for both the cyclists and the motorist.  The ride leader may choose to break up one large group into two smaller groups ? One faster paced and one slower paced within the category.  The group can also be broken up into clusters of 6-8 riders and maintain enough space between the groups so that a car can pass one group at a time.  In either situation it is important to keep moving forward in a straight line until there is a safe place to pull over to allow traffic to pass.  HBC holds ride leader training sessions to prepare cyclists to become ride leaders.  Contact any ride coordinator or Cindy Gorski, chair of the Ride and Ride Leader Development Committee to learn more.