Hats off to Burt Sharp, who has been handling the Web Content Manager position since January, 2016.  He’s done a great job but is planning to “retire” from the position at the end of this year.  The job qualifications are listed below. If you have the skills and background to handle this position, please contact Susan Casto at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  HBC needs you!


Qualifications of Web Content Manager


a)   Basic computer skills and proficiency.  For example ability to use tools like MS Word and MS Excel.  


b)   Basic understanding and/or willingness to learn html is beneficial.


c)    Willingness to learn new computer skills related to the Joomla web content management system.  The more proficient the Web Content Manager becomes in Joomla, the more duties he/she can offload from the Webmaster.


d)   Reasonably fast/current home computer and home network.


e)   Good communications skills.