Have YOU earned a Thank You gift?






Trained leaders that have led 10, 25, 50, 100, 150, 200 and 250 rides and submitted ride reports have earned thank you gifts!!!  Orders will be placed early October and the gifts will be handed out at our HBC banquet in Nov. 








You may choose your gift from the highest level you have reached or from any level below that – But you may only earn one gift per each level. 




10 rides:  


·         HBC Ride Leader Jersey


VOMax sizing chart - http://www.vomax.com/content/VOmax_Sizing_Chart_2014-15.pdf 




25 rides:


·         Drawstring Pack #2562


·         Polo shirt #g880 


·         Alternative Men's Eco Jersey Tri-blend AA1989




50 rides:


·         Full zip Sweatshirt #993


·         ¼ zip Cadet Collar Sweatshirt #995M


·         Men’s and Ladies Long Sleeve Demin Shirt  #8960 


·         Team 365 Equipment Backpack.  TT104


·         Long Sleeve Polo shirt #88192 (men’s) #78192 (Women’s) #88192T (men’s tall)


·         88191 - Men’s Fleece Vest


·         78191 – Women’s Fleece Vest?


·         Any gift from the 25 ride level.




100 rides:


·         Cardigan #M425 (men’s) or #M425W (women’s)


·         Flannel Boxers #F48 and #3415C Unisex Short Sleeve V-neck T-shirt  (HBC pajamas)  


·         Large Duffle Bag #3906


·         88190 - Men’s Fleece Jacket


·         88190T - Men’s Fleece Tall


·         78190 – Women’s Fleece Jacket


·         Any one gift from the 25 OR 50 ride levels.




150 rides:


Flannel Pants #F24 and #3425 Unisex Long Sleeve V-neck T-shirt  (HBC pajamas) 


Light weight Jacket #8477 & #8477L & TT80W


Any one gift from the 25, 50 OR 100 ride levels.




200 rides:


Any gift from the 25 ride level AND any one gift from one of the 50, 100 OR 150 ride levels. 


Long or short sleeve HBC Ride Leader  jersey




250 rides:


#88196 - Ash City - North End Men's Angle 3-in-1 Jacket with Bonded Fleece Liner


#78210 - Ash City - North End Ladies' Promote Insulated Car Jacket


#88130 - Ash City - North End Adult 3-in-1 Jacket


#88006 - Ash City - North End Adult 3-in-1 Two-Tone Parka


#78209 - Ash City - North End Ladies' Rivet Textured Twill Insulated Jacket


Any gift from the 25 ride level AND any one gift from one of the 50, 100 OR 150 ride levels. 






Look up your rides led on the HBC website by clicking onto the dropdown "Members Only" tab on the front page. 


Then click onto "Members Directory"


Off to the right there's another drop down entitled “Members List”, click onto that and scroll down to find "Rides Led Report".


The first column lists your rides led since June 2011.  If that number is over 10 you have earned a ride leader jersey! 


The second column lists rides led toward the new incentive gifts.  If that number is 25 or over you have earned the gifts listed above.


If you believe you will reach the rides led requirement before Nov. 11th place your order.


Go to http://www.4logowearables.com/cgi-bin/hw/hwb/chw-pseudoHome.w?hwCVD=alpgenericWebsite if you wish to view the item; pick your size and color.  For the flannel PJ’s use: http://wholesale.boxercraft.com/


Contact Cindy Gorski by September 30th to place your order This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Thank you all for being ride leaders this year!   I hope you all had good experiences leading and will continue to move the club forward.