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I was born in Houston, Texas. I moved to Carlisle from Wayne, PA in 1971 and have lived in my home in Churchtown for 30 years. How did I join the HBC club? In June of 2000, I was on a sailing trip when we docked at St. Michaels. Three of us borrowed the bikes available for riding at the marina. I mentioned that I loved to ride and David Powell suggested I join the HBC. In August, I finally got around to doing a club ride out of Mechanicsburg. There were about 5 people and the leader on this ride. About half way through the ride, the leader said that he was leaving and that I should lead the ride. I was shocked. The others said they would help get us back. Wow, what an introduction to the club. I rode my first century that September now known as the Three Creek Century. That was such a rewarding experience after 1 month of riding. I have had many wonderful experiences on bike trips. In 2005, I met my husband Tim, while camping in Lexington on Bike Virginia. Many fellow HBC members where part of Bike Virginia that year to see our relationship blossom. In 2006, Tim, his two sons, Matt and Robert, and myself took an Alaskan cruise and inland trip to Fairbanks. Sending the boys home, Tim and I joined two other riders and the four of us left Fairbanks June 10 on our bicycles heading for Carlisle. 88 days, 4800 miles and lots of adventure in between, we arrived in our driveway in Carlisle on September 5. I think touring is the best part of bicycling for me. Ride all day, pitch your tent near a creek, wake up to the sound of birds and do it all again. What a life. Bicycling has involved me with MS walks and bike rides for the past 20 years in both the Harrisburg and Arlington areas. HBC has been a major influence in my life. I have been involved with the activities of the club literally since the first day when I was asked to lead my first ride. I sat next to Joe Halko at the Bike Banquet when he asked if I would help with registration for the Century. I have been helping with that committee ever since. I have done registration, volunteer committee, and chaired the Century committee. I currently am working with the volunteer day picnic and making the GORP. I have also been Vice president, President, on fall tour committee, ride coordinator for B and C+ out of Mechanicsburg, instrumental in getting the road cleanup on Texaco Road and continue with that to date. I also help with advertising in the Spokesman. My other interests are gardening, cooking, chair caning, stain glass, cards and volunteering at New Hope Ministries in Dillsburg.