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Our HBC Past President Marilyn Chastek has been an HBC member for about 17 years and has served in a variety of volunteer positions, including Fall Tour Chair, Century Chair and HBC Publicity Chair. Currently she’s the ride coordinator for the Mechanicburg C’s, a ride leader and the Marketing Coordinator for the Three Creek Century. She’s proud to be a member of the HBC Tour de Cure Team which is has been one of the top fundraisers for the event which support the American Diabetes Association. She also the creator of the HBC Finger Lakes Trip. Marilyn is from upstate NY and has always loved that beautiful area. She has enjoyed sharing some of her favorite rides, wineries and other attractions with HBC members. She says “I’m very grateful to all of the HBC members who have served as committee members and who have helped me out with various projects throughout the years.” Favorite bike rides: She just returned from a biking trip in Vermont which included a tour to Montreal. Much of the riding was on the Route Verte, a network of trails and bike lanes that traverse Canada. The final day featured the Tour de L’ile, a 52K ride through downtown Montreal with 35,000 other cyclists. “I had a blast and would recommend this trip to anyone” she says. For more information, go to Favorite HBC Event: Her first love is the HBC Fall Tour. She enjoys the fellowship of her 6-pack group, and the feeling of accomplishment and self-sufficiency that travelling self-contained can provide. She says “The first year I rode Fall Tour, I was the recipient of the Cape May Brick. I considered it to be quite an honor to be the chosen as the person who best embodied the spirit of the Tour.” She highly recommends the Fall Tour to anyone who is looking for a good time, good company and an opportunity to challenge themselves. Of course the Finger Lakes trip holds a special place in her heart as well. Other hobbies and interests: Marilyn recently entered the retirement world and celebrated by joining the Silver Spokes and the Learning to Linger (LTL) groups that ride on weekdays. She also likes getting out for a relaxing ride on nice days with a retired friend or two. Her newest toy is an EZ Racer recumbent bike that she purchased from HBC member, Jim Harrington. She uses it for running errands, for short solo rides and for going to the West Shore Y where she enjoys swimming, spinning and Yoga. “The recumbent bike certainly is an attention getter and conversation starter!” she says. Personal Info: Her husband, Jim, also retired earlier this year. They have two daughters who graduated from Camp Hill High School and now have their Masters degrees. Kit is married and is living in the Philadelphia area with her husband, Mike. Ginny is engaged and just recently moved to Northumberland, PA. She and her fiancée, Andy, plan to marry in 2012 in Camp Hill, so Jim and Marilyn have been busy trying to get their house and yard in shape for company. They are adjusting to retirement life well and try to spend some time each day just relaxing over a glass of wine on the backyard patio. Ah…life is good.