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I am from Detroit MI, and moved to PA right after Christmas in 1987, due to my husband Dave getting laid off. Dave and I have been together for 31 years, and we reside in Monroe Township. We have 3 grown children, Alithea, Jon and Beth, and a cat named Simon Lloyd. I was a swimmer in high school, and during college I took up recreational running. I have a BFA in Industrial Design but opted to stay home to raise our kids. When our oldest daughter was 4 years old I started a home daycare business, which I still run. Dave and I purchased $99 bikes from Wal-Mart in the summer of 1997. We rode occasionally enjoying the scenery this area has to offer, but it turns out Dave isn’t much for bike riding. I met a friend who was into cycling so I joined her for long 20 mile rides a few times a week. She later talked me into buying an expensive $300 bike (ha!) which I picked up on May 1,1999. Her life got busy and she stopped riding. Since I spent all that money on a bike I decided to join the bike club I saw listed in the newspaper. My first ride with the club was on July 31, 1999, one of the hottest days of the year (99 degrees) and only one person showed up. He was also new to the club and didn’t know the area so I guess that was when I lead my first club ride. I tried again the next week and rode with the C group. I will never forget trying to keep up with 80 year old John Bicksler on all those rides in the hills he led around Messiah College. Eventually I got tired of pedaling downhill to keep up with the group so I purchased a Schwinn road bike a year later. What a difference skinny tires make! That did it, I was hooked. As the years progressed so did my mileage. I’m not much for speed, but I do love distance, averaging anywhere from 5,000 to 7,000 miles a year. I hate the heat and would rather ride in 25 degrees than in 90 degrees. I enjoy long 50 - 100 mile rides the best and touring with the club when I can. Each ride is like a mini vacation for me. My favorite energy food for these rides is Frosted Strawberry PopTarts and Green Tea with Ginseng. My favorite HBC event is the Finger Lakes because of the beautiful scenery, the extensive choice of rides and of course the wine and food!!!! Since I participate in HBC’s many cycling events I decided I needed to give back. I served on the Fall Tour and the Three Creek Century committees, formed the HBC ADA team, and I am currently a ride leader, the Mech. C+, B, and B+ coordinator and just joined the HBC OPS committee as one of the clubs Vice Presidents. I believe it’s important to give back and to serve when you are a member, especially when you’re passionate about the activity and love it so much! Other hobbies include vegetable gardening, canning, cooking, baking, volunteering for Hospice, and classical guitar. I am a member of the Musical Arts Club in Carlisle and the Baltimore Classical Guitar Society. I take classical guitar lessons from Dr. James Hontz at Dickinson college, I teach guitar, play in the SOAR band at Monaghan Presbyterian Church and I am a member of a flute and guitar duo. I still swim in the summer and I run in the cooler months when the weekly club rides are over and the roads aren’t clean enough to ride.