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It’s all about the bike. That has pretty much been my life’s philosophy for the past 40 years. I did my first century ride back in high school, soon after receiving my driver’s license. There are a lot of biking miles in these legs!! I moved to South Central Pennsylvania about 18 years ago from New England. Moving here was the result of a job transfer for EDS (now HP). I am still employed at HP as an Advanced Service Information Specialist, working in Health Care Services. My original plan was for about a 5 to 7 year stint here in PA and then move back to New England. But the biking and the HBC have been a major influence on my life. Getting married and buying a house were also part of the equation for me hanging around here. Most of my accomplishments on the bike were in my younger years. I tinkered with endurance riding, a little racing, and several extended trips. Many people feel that my biggest cycling accomplishment was 30 years ago by completing a 10,000 mile Fairbanks, Alaska to Key West, Florida Trip. That was my second cross-country crossing. But I believe my greatest cycling accomplishment was the riding of over 300 miles in a 24 hour period. I accomplished this twice – first time we were nuts, but to do it again, we had to be complete idiots!!! Probably the biggest “pride and joy” to my cycling life is the Fitchburg-Longsjo Classic Bicycle Race, up in Massachusetts. The Longsjo Classic is the second oldest race in the United States and part of the National Racing Calendar. In the late 80’s and early 90’s, I was the technical director of the event and help drive the change in format from a one-day event to a 4 day National stage race. In 1992, while I was the race director, the United States Olympic Committee selected our event to be the final training site and send off location for the Cycling Long Olympic Road Team. For a little over a week, we were hosts to Lance Armstrong and the remainder of the Olympic Cycling Road team. We had the honor of putting Lance on an airplane in Boston for his flight to the Barcelona Summer Olympics. But in my younger days, it wasn’t always about the bike. Hiking and backpacking were also a major part of me. I’ve summated Washington State’s Mount Rainier; day hiked the Grand Canyon from the South Rim to the river and back. I’ve made 8 winter climbs to the summit of Mount Washington and 2 winter ascents of Maine’s Mount Katahdin, including a winter traverse of the Knife Edge. I was the 25th person to ever summit the 100 highest mountains in New England in the winter season. All this New England winter playing has allowed me to tolerate road riding year round in South Central Pennsylvania. So when I go back to my class reunions and people talk about their 2 and half kids, their white picket fences, and managerial roles, I just say to myself I may not have accomplished anything but I sure have done a lot.