Innaguaral Kings Gap Time Trial - September 11th, 2011 

by Mark Riordan
With “911” now at the forefront and after witnessing a presentation of the colors by the Boys Scouts of America, all 40 participants were ready to attack the access road to the summit of Kings Gap.  An HBC Community Outreach Project, the inaugural Kings Gap Time Trial was a fundraiser for both the Kings Gap Education Center and the new Flight 93 National Memorial in Shanksville, Pa.

At 8:46 a.m., exactly 10 years to the minute that American Flight 11 slammed into the north side of the North Tower of the World Trade Center, Mechanicsburg resident Alec Kunzweiler, left the flag surrounded start line and became the first rider to cross the finish line to set the standard at 13 minutes and 33 seconds. Being one of the few under 18-year-old participants, Alec held on to the fastest time as other riders tried to best it. Anticipation was at its highest when Alec’s father George crossed the finish line. But Alec remained on top with even his father failing to beat his time.
Finally, Dover resident Joe McMaster, riding in the 45 - 55-year-old class, crossed the finish line at 11 minutes and 58 seconds to lower the fastest time.
As rider after rider crossed the Finish Line, no one could beat Joe’s time. Finally, in the Men 36 – 45, Brian Eifler, living over at the Carlisle Barracks, crossed the finish line at 11 minutes and 58 seconds, the exact same time as Joe McMaster. Would it come down to a coin toss for fastest time?
But it would only be a few minutes before Dillsburg resident John Capriotti would break the fastest time by 16 seconds to have the day’s fastest time of 11 minutes and 43 seconds and become the inaugural HBC Kings Gap TT record holder.
The crowd roared as 82-year-old Camp Hill resident Howard Beane crossed the line at 19 minutes and 8 seconds. And at 9:58, 10 years to the minute that the first hijack distress radio call from United Flight 93, the last participant crossed the finish line at the Kings Gap Mansion to end the inaugural Kings Gap TT.  Is 10 minutes a realistic milestone?  Maybe sometime in the future we will know.

The 2011 Kings Gap Time Trial raised $1,035 for the two benefit organizations:  Friends of Kings Gap and Flight 93 National Memorial.  Each organization received a check for $517.50.

In addition, the Harrisburg Bicycle Club donated another $1,000 to the Friends of Kings Gap.  This additional donation represents a portion of the profits raised by the PSP Century ride - another Harrisburg Bicycle Club benefit ride - held earlier in the season.


See below for complete race results (by age categories).


Men 15 - 18

Alec Kunzweiler 13 Min 22 Sec
Preston Shenk 14 Min 32 Sec

Men 19 - 35

Greg Ranck 12 Min 18 Sec
David Geesaman 12 Min 52 Sec
Christopher Purcell 15 Min 05 Sec

Men 36 - 45

John Capriotti 11 Min 43 Sec
Brian Eifler 11 Min 58 Sec
Scott Graver 13 Min 21 Sec (Time adjusted from 25 Min 21 Sec)
Bernard Cornali 13 Min 42 Sec
Sean Heckman 14 Min 43 Sec
Bill Haley 14 Min 44 Sec

Men 46 - 55

Joseph McMaster 11 Min 58 Sec
Cory Schaeffer 12 Min 52 Sec
Kenneth Siptroth 14 Min 20 Sec
Jim Litsinger 14 Min 52 Sec
George Kunzweiler 15 Min 19 Sec
Paul McBride 15 Min 31 Sec
Robert Winburn 16 Min 08 Sec
Dave Matthews 16 Min 42 Sec
Gregory Rupert 19 Min 30 Sec

Men 56 - 65

Mark Yon 13 Min 58 Sec
Jeff Rowe 14 Min 12 Sec
David Opilo 14 Min 26 Sec
Bill Barbour 14 Min 32 Sec
Murray Sperling 14 Min 54 Sec
Thomas Yingst 15 Min 04 Sec
Rod Murray 15 Min 47 Sec
David Hirneisen 15 Min 55 Sec
Tom Baumgardner 17 Min 00 Sec
David Miller 17 Min 36 Sec
Steven Shrader 20 Min 30 Sec
Tim Jackson 23 Min 13 Sec

Men 66 - 75

Keith Marks 14 Min 26 Sec
John Yanno 15 Min 16 Sec

Men +75

Howard Beane 19 Min 08 Sec

Women 18 - 35

Billie Jo Augustine 22 Min 10 Sec

Women 36 - 45

Jane Keck 14 Min 39 Sec
Ann Marie Oldani 16 Min 04 Sec
Tanya Tralka 20 Min 03 Sec

Women 56 - 65

Charlotte Yanno 17 Min 53 Sec