Ride Reports

Wednesday, May 23, 2018 - 6:00 pm
Camp Hill D Ride. 10.7miles @ 9.5 mph

Diana Bermingham (L), Madeline Beitzel, Randy Huber, Tim Poole, Mary Graci, Ed Cashin (S).

We were pleased to welcome Randy Huber today, all the way from Shipoke.  Until today we had been staying pretty much within the Camp Hill limits but it's hard to get a good stretch of the leg that way so we daringly ventured forth.  First we roamed the leafy CH streets a little, then over the Bypass at Trindle, then into the neighborhood streets on the north side of Trindle, under the 581 bridge, left on Railroad into Shiremanstown,  right on W. Vine to the end and then around the Bible Baptist parking lot.  Then cross over Main St., right on Courtland, zig zag through neighborhoods with flower beds and lawn mowers cutting abundant grass, to Somerset, where there is a bike path around some Bethany cottages and a field to the north which hasn't been cultivated yet this year.  Then into the playground where several baseball and softball games were being played.  It was a perfect spring evening.  Then we headed back along more residential streets (Rupp, W. Green, S. Stoner) with flowers and then we hit the trafficy parts (Main, St. John, Trindle).  We ducked back into tranquil residential streets briefly before crossing the Bypass at Trindle back into Camp Hill.  Some of the crossings are very stimulating if you're not used to them and our sweep, Ed, was very encouraging of people who were new to it.  Ed and Diana went to the Cornerstone to get in practice for the ice cream ride which is next week.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018 - 6:01 pm
East Shore Flex Ride. 28.3miles @ 14.7 mph

Ken Frohnert (L), Al Brulo Chris Wright Hale Baker, Lori Brulo (S).

Five riders left the 3B on a very pleasant Wednesday evening.   The group rode out Clark's Valley Road for exactly one hour to ensure we were back well before dark.   We took a brief break and headed back to the 3B.   On the way back a large deer ran out in front of Hale.   Other than that small bit of excitement the ride was uneventful.   Everyone returned safely to the 3B.   And most of the group headed over to the 3B for an ice cream.   A very nice ride on a nice evening.  Lori did a fine job as sweep.   Thank you guys for joining me.

Monday, May 21, 2018 - 9:30 am
Learning to Linger Email Ride Ride. 31miles @ 8 mph

Charley Sproule (L), Richard Osborne, Jim Brandon, Jack Withers, George Haverstraw, Norma Brandon, Bob Reynolds, Jim out and George back (S).

We rode on the Lancaster and Lebanon rail trails from the route 230 trail head to Cornwall and back with a lunch stop at the twin kiss in Colebook.  This was the first good biking weather day in a week.  Jim and Norma turned around at Mt. Gretna for a shorter ride.  Jack took a day off from sweeping.  Charley messed up as  he had planned for the group to stop in Mt. Gretna for lunch but all the restaurants there are now closed on Monday's.  It was a beautiful day and we missed you.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018 - 6:01 pm
Upper Allen Friendship Park C Ride. 22.1miles @ 13.04 mph

David Young (L), Anfrea Dadigan, Marisol (S).

After raining most of the day, the forecast was for the rain to hold off until about 10:30 pm, so the ride went as scheduled. even though there were only three of us.  The skies never cleared and there was low hanging mist throughout the evening.  The temperature was in the mid to upper 60's, and quite humid.  Andrea requested a different route than normal, so we headed Northeast wondering side roads and developments going into and through Mechanicsburg and out to a point just shorty of RT11, then paralleling RT11 headed West to RT114.  We continued our ride Westward to the end of Texaco Rd, then onto Locust Point Rd all the way back to Eppley Rd to Sinclair to Williams Grove Rd, Fisher Rd, and back to the Park.  No rain was encountered. 

Sunday, May 20, 2018 - 7:15 am
Owen's Sunday Sociable Ride. 11.5miles @ 10.5 mph

John Humphries (L), Mat Bauer, Donna Finn, George Haverstraw, Barbara Humphries, Mary Grafi, Nancy Sherer, Jeff Via, Ross Willard, Jack Withers, Holly Willard, Ross Willard (S).

We finally had good weather for biking and it was a very enjoyable ride. We started by circling the south end of City Island and then we did the north end of the island. We even circled around the soccer field where we disturbed several ground hogs. After circling the island we crossed the bridge heading into Harrisburg. We went up front street and crossed over at State and biked to 3rd street. We biked up3rd street for a while, crossed over to 4th and eventually 5th street on the other side of Division. We biked north to Green St. and then we started back to the city. We got on the pathway along the Susquehanna River at Division ST. 7 of the riders decided to race ahead to get to Roxys' for breakfast. It looked rather chaotic as they raced ahead and  took different routes to cross Front ST. with traffic coming in all langs. Fortunately, nobody was hurt.

Monday, May 21, 2018 - 6:01 pm
Hershey C+ Ride. 32miles @ 14.5 mph

David Erb (L), Alan Azab, Chuck Schmidt, Chris Thomas, John Mull, Julie and Brandt Groh, Jeff Hoch, Danny Jordan, Kathy Jochan, Rich Williams, Jared Kulp, Erin Baker Funk, Paul Piergallini, Denny Mahaffey, Bill Barbour, Betsy Thompson, Steve Reanhour (sp?), Joel Oberman, Lisa Robbins, Mike Deiling, Jeff Hoch (S).

We had beautiful weather for a change. As a result, we had a huge turn-out. We had 28 riders looking to do the C+ ride. Great turn-out including several new riders. It was great to see everyone and a big "Welcome" to all the newbies.

This would have been too large of a group as we would have overwhelmed the roads and any cars trying to pass safely. I asked the group if someone wanted to take a part of the group and ride a slower, or faster pace. Thankfully, a small group decided to branch off and create their own B ride. 

We ended up with 20 riders on this C+. Still large but semi-manageable. We made an effort to keep spacing between small groups to allow a break for cars to pass in clumps, rather than having to pass us all at once. 

I advertised a 32 mile route with an expected 1500 feet of climbing. We went out standard route to Pine road, Gravel Hill, and Lindley Murray. Due to the increasing daylight, we were able to add Schoolhouse Road, Crooked Road, and Groffs. Beautiful scenery with nice rolling hills. We saw a few baby goats roaming Schoolhouse Road outside their fencing. I thought one of our riders was slowing to take one home. Turned out he was having some cramping issues. Thank you to Jeff Hoch and Mike Deiling for offering to ride back with him. Thank you Jeff for sweeping and keeping us together. 

As we continued, along Earlys Mill Road, the group became a bit too separated. I dropped back to suggest that the second group take a shorter route back to the starting point. When I rode back up to the first group, it turns out that they had all missed a planned turn and they were waiting at the next possible turn for me. 

I did not know this, so I continued along the planned route, right onto Pheasant Road,  expecting to see some riders ahead. I had a nice peaceful 2 miles by myself, until I met up with the second group exiting Earlys Mill coming onto Sand Beach road.

Thank you to Betsy Thompson and Joel Oberman for sweeping the second portion of the ride and for offering to ride back the direct route with the second group (and me).

All is well that ends well. Nice ride overall. Very scenic. Although It felt like more climbing than the RideWithGPS indicated 1500 feet. 



Sunday, May 20, 2018 - 10:00 am
West Shore Weekend Email Ride Ride. 52.69miles @ 13.7 mph

Chris Seier (L), Dve Kurth, Lou Searles, Maggie Emery, Jeff Imbrognio, Tom Henry, Howard Davison, Howard Ross, Mark Loomis, Keith Spangler, Mark Dolheimer

I usually don't write ride reports but I'm under orders - HOWARD DAVISON wants it know that he didn't get lost this time.

We had a little drizzle on the way out. We stopped an looked at the radar which showed two hours of rain, some very heavy. Since we were already wet, we kept going. Within the 30 minutes the rain stopped and the roads were starting to dry. We stopped at a Sheetz at mile 15 and again at Funk's 10 miles later. On the way back we had a brief sprinkle, but not as bad as the way out. Once on 443 the group spread out. I was last. Mark and Keith stayed with me. Most of regrouped at Fort Hunter. Howard and Mike broke off on Linglestown Road as we headed down Front Street.

Howard didn't get lost, so it was a good day.


Monday, May 21, 2018 - 6:00 pm
Hershey C Ride. 25.5miles @ 12.5 mph

Howard Ross (L), Steve Campbell, MarK Riordan, Lori Brulo,. Hale Baker, Ken Frohnert, Laura Erb, Matt McFadden, Justin Schetrompf, Ann Mahalik, Joanne Martin, Steve Seidl, Kathy Seidl, Keith Marks, Patrick Taylor, Bruce Fields, Sunni Lee, Felix Thau (S).

A beautiful night for a ride and the large turnout reflected it.  New riders to the C group (and even Mark Riordan) and a tandem highlighted our ride out to Three Mile Island and along the Susquehanna and Swatara Creek, through Middletown and the Hershey Bike trail. No mishaps, no flats, and everyone was in before the darkness.  It was another great Hershey C ride.  Thanks to Felix for a stellar job of keeping the herd together.

Sunday, May 20, 2018 - 1:30 pm
Mech HS C Ride. 33miles @ 12.5 mph

Cynthia Gorski (L), Gark Ranck, Dave Raup, Rodney Rodgers, Penny and Ken White, Chris Ditlow, Cindy Greenawalt, John Becker, Ed Cashin (S).

It was finally a nice day for a ride so ten riders showed up at the high school to get some miles in.  Penny and Ken, (new members), joined us for the first time and we were delighted to have them along!  It was quite warm and very humid as we headed over to Creek Rd.  As we turned onto Leidigh Rd. a passing shower decided to pass over us so we took cover under a tree for 10 minutes until it stopped.  Cindy and Dave decided to head back and the rest of us continued on under clearing skies.  We climbed Gutshall and Red Tank roads and stopped at the Sheetz in Mt. Holly Springs for a break.  The humidity seemed to be lower and the day was now turning out to be very pleasant.  To avoid riding on Rt. 34 we took Chestnut and had to walk our bikes over the railroad tracks which were now under construction.  As we traveled on Zion Rd. and Rt. 174 we viewed the many downed trees from the severe storm that hit that area last Tuesday.  We went through the obstacle course on Lindsey Rd. and enjoyed the scenery along Ridge Rd.  Once we got onto Eppley Rd. Gary, Chris and Rodney took off while the rest of us took a more relaxed pace back to the school.  It was a great Sunday ride.