Ride Reports

Wednesday, September 19, 2018 - 10:00 am
Learning to Linger Email Ride Ride. 22.5miles @ 9.2 mph

George Haverstraw (L), George Haverstraw Dale Kasparek Susan Settle Dick Norford John Rigulanio Jack Withers Charlie Sproule Bib Little , Jack withers (S).

It was a great day for a ride on the Conewago/Lebanon Valley Trail. Eight riders left the trail head followed closely by a similar number of riders from the Harrisburg Ski Club. We escorted one another all the way to Mt Gretna. We had two first time riders and two doctors in case of health issues. After a nice lunch at the Porch, we retraced out route. The trail was in fairly good shape considering all the rain we have had. It was good to see Dick has returned. He says he now has permission to ride but he must use common sense. We are anxiously awaiting that. Jack did his usual good job as sweep.


Wednesday, September 19, 2018 - 2:30 pm
East Shore Flex Ride. 28miles @ 12.6 mph

Ken Frohnert (L), None, Ken Frohnert (S).

It was a super day for a ride and I was very happy to have the opportunity to get out.   Since no one joined me I tried a couple new twists on the planned ride and found a couple nice new roads.  Taking a brief mid-ride break I enjoyed a great view of some Perry County landscape while munching on my Kind Bar.  As I rode along I noticed the field corn that I had seen as young plants just a few short months ago were turning brown and drying out becoming ready for harvest - kind of a cycle of life thought.  In any event it looked like a very good crop of corn   Returned safely back to the Sledworks in about 2.25 hours.   Just a great day for a ride.

The climb always seems to always seems to add up to about the same total  for this loop even with route variations and today was no different.   Right at about 1800.  

Great day!

Tuesday, September 18, 2018 - 6:00 pm
Upper Allen Friendship Park C+ Ride. 17.5miles @ 15 mph

Mark Dolheimer (L), Lorna Showers, Justin Schetrompf, Loren Gifford, Roger Wright, Randy Davis, Dan Heatherly, Dave Raup

Nice warm and breezy evening was perfect for a ride though there was low rider turnout at Friendship Park, far outnumbered by those at soccer practice. Perhaps some were recovering from a century ride on Sunday but several on this group racked up big miles at Three Creek and also rode strong tonight. We took Sinclair Rd into Mechanicsburg which is nearly complete with repaving and very smooth with a few bumps where the paving is not quite finished. Again tonight, (think, last Tuesday, also), we had an unplanned rest stop on Hempt Rd with a train blocking the road and a huge vehicle backlog. Many vehicles turned around before the train finally moved, and we moved off the road to allow the cars behind us pass before continuing on. We were heading into the wind and had more wind on Rich Valley Rd. After turning onto Ridge Hill Rd, we had favorable wind on Locust Point Rd for the return trip to the park, finishing about 3 minutes after sunset, with soccer practice winding down. Only three more evening rides at Friendship Park - the weather is great but sunset comes early! Check out the remaining scheduled evening rides before they're gone!

Thursday, September 13, 2018 - 6:01 pm
Hershey C Ride. 14miles @ 12 mph

Albert T Brulo (L), Lori Brulo, Laura Erb, Dave Erb, Cindy Hogeman, Hale Baker (S).

Ride Name:          Short Northeast Loop #1

Start Location:      Briarcrest

Climb:                   700 ft.

Weather At Start:  81 degrees, mostly cloudy, 10 mph N wind

Well, it has taken me 6 days to cool down to the point that I can strip away the emotions to write this Ride Description in the correct manner as a safety/educational tool.

Our group of 6 experienced bikers was heading south on Sand Beach Road towards Hershey with me in the lead position.  We crossed the Swatara Creek bridge as a relatively tight group and we all took the lane and signaled our intentions to the car approaching behind us that we would be making a left turn onto Swatara Road.  At this point, the road has no dedicated left turn lane, just a double yellow line separating our lane from the oncoming northbound lane. 

I checked my mirror and saw that there was 1 car stacked behind us.  I moved to within a few feet of the double yellow line while still in our southbound lane.  Still signaling a left turn, I started to turn left to cross the northbound lane to enter Swatara Road.  As I was entering the northbound lane of Sand Beach Road, I suddenly heard the noise of what sounded like an accelerating car behind us and Dave yelling “Car Back!” in an urgent voice.  I had just a split second to decide which lane the car was in and whether to continue crossing the northbound lane or turn back into the southbound lane.  As odd as it sounds, I decided to pull back to the southbound lane because it didn’t sound like anyone was getting hit behind me.  Keep in mind that the decision had to be made instantly with the sound of the car immediately behind us.

As soon as I left the oncoming lane, the car that was stacked up behind us was immediately beside us accelerating south in the northbound lane of Sand Beach Road.  Any one of us would have been seriously injured if we had continued making that left turn.  The car just sped off never blowing his horn to warn us or stopping to make sure we were ok.

Talking to the bikers afterwards, it was clear that our group clearly and continually signaled our left turn.  As remote as it seems, it is possible that the driver did not know the standard left turn signal.

The takeaway from this….never assume for even a few seconds that there is no car behind you in the wrong lane as you are making a left turn.  In fact, the same thing happened on our ride last year at Pymatuning Reservoir with the Premier Bike Club.


717-805-1251 (Text or call)

Tuesday, September 18, 2018 - 6:01 pm
Upper Allen Friendship Park C Ride. 15.11miles @ 14 mph

Marisol Barrios-Moyer (L), Andrea Dadigan Gary Rank

When the posted ride leader did not arrive a few minutes before the ride, I pulled on my ride leader boots and found a route of the appropriate length on my GPS. The membership agreed to ride a little faster since the proposed route was pretty short and flat. I'm recovering from my back injury and this was my first return group ride, too, so wasn't sure too much faster was in the cards or for how long. Not to mention that my bike turned up at the park with a flat rear tire even though I had filled them over my lunch break. I hoped it was just the pesky valve core that keeps working it's way loose to remind me that I should not have gotten ride of my valve core wrench. I hand-tightened it (again), filled it with air from Gary's pump, and off we went.

We rode out to Williams Grove Road and cut over to the high school where we saw a lot of the kids practicing for band. A quick check of my rear tire showed it was holding up and probably was the valve core so it should be fine for the ride. Did a short tour of Mechanicsburg before crossing Trindle and heading towards Texaco Road.

On Texaco road, spotted a flock of geese flying in V formation. So I provided the riders with a scientific explanation for why one side of the V was longer than the other: there's more geese in that line. We continued to Hodgestown Road where we turned heading back towards Mechanicsburg, then turned on quieter Mulberry. The tracks near Pleasant View Park were strangely backed up and the lights were blinking but no train. Then we saw cars starting across and thought it was quite odd. I urged caution to my riders as we approached. Turns out it was a broken down train that was being worked on right near the crossing and it was still tripping the signal.

Back across Trindle and eventually ended up back in the parking lot for the high school where now they were practicing formations for the football field as we rode past them. We worked our way toward Fischer where Andrea broke off for home and Gary and I sprinted towards the finish, arriving a few minutes before sunset.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018 - 9:00 am
Silver Spokes Email Ride Ride. 37miles @ 11.7 mph

Patty Baughman (L), Martha Ruff, Marilyn Chastek, Ray Stone, Dave Powell, Terry Turney, Tom Schwartzer, Bill Pickering, Peter Vitins, Rich Brownewell, Lou Searles, Marlyn Hahn, Jeff McPartland, Michel R. Lefevre, Joe Mushalko, John Landis, Garry Brinton, Tom Pheasant, Chris Ditlow, Howard Davison, Bill Baughman (S).

What a lovely day to ride.  We had a safe &  almost uneventful ride--Ray had a flat @ mi. 26 so some of us we rested under a tree for a nice break while 5 people changed the tire--just kidding--thanks Joe!  Many people commented that this was a new area for them  & others said they had never been on some of the roads.  Thanks to my husband Bill who laid out the route & let me get the credit.  One person's GPS said we climbed 1600'--I'll take it.  Lunch @ Ray's in Rossville was enjoyed by 14 people where we got to hear about Lou's 9 day bike trip to Glacier Nat. Park.  5 of us will miss next Wed. ride because we'll be biking to Cape May-hooray!  


Sunday, September 16, 2018 - 7:15 am
Owen's Sunday Sociable Ride. 8miles @ 9.53 mph

Alicia Riegel (L), Madeline Beitzel, Nan Reisinger, Ray Kanth, Barb Crout, George Haverstraw (S).

Realizing that the Three Creek Century, HBC's annual fundraiser, was scheduled for Sunday, for today only, our Sunday morning ride was renamed "The One River Millennium Owen's Sunday Sociable." Don't mind my trash-talking! :-) Millennium because the ride length is 10.00 (although to my surprise, the final tally showed 8.00!). 

Thank you to Madeline, Nan, Ray, and George for riding with me around Harrisburg. A special welcome to former member Barb Crout who joined us as well! I'd also like to acknowledge our regulars who spent their day (and several days in preparation) volunteering with the 2018 Century. They were missed, and we look forward to seeing you next Sunday!

As we gathered for pre-ride announcements, we noticed a large group of runners heading up the hill toward Old Shakey (The Walnut Street Bridge). We let them pass and then headed out, turning south to circle the parking garage before crossing Old Shakey into Riverfront Park. Turning south again, we encountered many runners and pedestrians on our way down the trail. Leaving the trail at Passage to India, we headed toward Race Street into Shipoke. It's hard to keep one's eyes on the road when so much eye candy (historic homes) is before me! We rode the perimeter of Shipoke and then got back on the Riverfront Park trail. Turning right on State Street, we rode to Second Street and turned left.

This was the very first HBC ride that I led. I have to say that nothing of consequence occurred, although the Traffic Gods did not favor us on Sunday as they did during our practice ride on Saturday. We seemed to hit almost every red light on Sunday, while on Saturday, it was smooth-sailing all the way north - hitting all the green lights. No severe road hazards on Sunday. We encountered the occasional pothole and large branches. All were easily avoided.

Anyway, we turned left when we reached Division Street and took a water break on the Riverfront Park trail. Then, we rode down Front Street and turned left on North Street toward Roxy's where we enjoyed great conversation and (courtesy of Stacy) a fine breakfast! Afterward, we returned to City Island, packed our bikes, and left for home.

It was a wonderful experience for a new ride leader. See you all next Sunday!





Tuesday, September 18, 2018 - 6:00 pm
East Shore Tuesday Ride. 10.5miles @ 12.6 mph

Mike Loomis (L), Lori Brulo, Al Brulo, Hale Baker, Chris Wright, Susan Tussey, Amanda Harrison, Paul Piergallini (S).

Monday I didn't think it was even necessary to post the ride (just follow the rules Mike), Tuesday morning looking at the weather forecast seeing sunny after three o'clock I thought I had the wrong location, later I was biking up to Koons in beautiful sunlshine. Oh ye of little faith! We rode a somewhat hilly route not venturing too far and stopped on the way back at 3B for ice cream; several people used their self control while the rest of us dug in. Afterwards the group headed back to Koons and I headed home. Seems hard to believe our Tuesday night rides are over- actually I believe there's one more. Thanks for coming out and thanks Paul for sweeping. 

Saturday, September 15, 2018 - 8:30 am
Saturday Morning Social Ride. 29.9miles @ 13 mph

Hale Baker (L), Lori Brulo, Albert Brulo, Howard Ross, Michelle Destefano, Karen Wagner, Ken Fronhert, Cristins Truica, Ann Mahalik, Bill Pickering, Mike Loomis, Mike Sheehan, Jim Kearns, Larry Riley, Todd Schankweiler (S).

It was a beautiful morning in the neighborhood for a bike ride.  After trying to figure out who the stranger was in the blue pick-up truck with two bikes, we welcomed back Larry Riley, our Ride Coordinator, with his new E-bike.  The group headed down Crawford and Crooked Hill road to Sand Beach road which was very busy with traffic for the RV Show in Hershey. We looped around by the State Police Headquarters and went out Hershey Park Drive to 743 North to Brindnagle road, Gravel Hill, and Lindley Murray and Skerks Church to Jonestown Road and Harrison School to Clement.  From there we looped around Indiantown Gap and back Clement/443 to Manada Bottom, and took Cliff and Rabbit back to Manada Gap and the Township Building. For a large group, we stayed together very well.  Many thanks to Todd Schankweiler for a great job Sweeping.