Tuesday, April 18, 2017 - 6:00 pm
East Shore Tuesday Ride. 20.68miles @ 13 mph

Richard Norford (L), Karen Wagner Cindy Hogeman Tara Shade Hale Baker Michelle DeStafano Caroline Ensor Ken Frohnert Amanda Harrisson Ed Cashin, Felix Thau (S).

Beautiful evening for a bike ride.  

We 12 riders met at Fort Hunter and rode out Fishing Creek Valley to the “top of the hill” and flipped for a speedy return back downhill mostly.  One minor mishap, remember when you slip off the payment it is best to not immediately cut back onto the road surface.   Usually better to stay off for short distance or dismount and lift back onto the roadway.  Other than not being perfectly clear on which parking lot , sorry Paul.  A strong rider he caught up with not issues.


4 of us made the trip to the end of Front St through Hecton did the loop before returning to Fort Hunter. Thank you Felix (aka Swerve)  for a super job of sweeping . The challenge this time of the year is beat sunset which we did with time to spare.  Great to see my senior inspiration this evening with the initial EC