Wednesday, May 17, 2017 - 10:00 am
Rail Trail D Ride. 21.9miles @ 9.4 mph

George Haverstraw (L), George Haverstraw Jim Brandon Richard Osborne Pat Gabrel Martha Bergsten Jack Withers Donna Finn Dean Giger Colleen Westhafer , Jim Brandon (S).

What a great day for a ride on the Northwest Lancaster County River Trail. Summer finally arrived and gave us perfect weather as nine of us left the trail heat in Bainbridge. We spotted two groups of turkey buzzards that appeared to be sizing us up but they let us pass. Donna and Dean dropped of as we passed through Marietta. They needed to return early to take care of animals. After a couple of water stops we arrived at the visitors center in Columbia for a pit stop. We stopped Shanks Tavern for lunch on our return through Marietta. The food and service were excellent as usual. This trail seems perfectly suited for a warm day given plentiful shade and proximity to the river. Welcome to Martha Bergsten who joined us for the first time. And thanks to Jim Brandon for riding sweep.