Tuesday, May 16, 2017 - 4:00 pm
Lenker Park B Ride. 29.1miles @ 15 mph

Robert Martin (L), Kieth Passinger

A great evening for a change.  However, only one other rider showed.  Keith was new to this ride, and the for evening the leader planned the first hilly ride of the season, or about 1,950' cumulative ascent.  22 miles into the ride the rider dropped his chain and another two miles later the chain came apart.  The ride was shortened 1.5 miles as the leader returned 3.5 miles, without Keith to get his vehicle and to return.  Returning, Keith had repaired his chain and was a half mile from the Park.  Good ride otherwise.  It was Kieth's first B ride and he likes hills, so we will see him again.  Hills: Scout Lane, Pine, Shetland, Grandview.  We missed the hills on Dry Run and Camp Kiwanas and other lesser hills reducing the planned vertical and distance.  But, many will say, it was good to have dry and warmer weather.