Thursday, May 18, 2017 - 6:00 pm
Upper Allen Friendship Park C+ Ride. 32.5miles @ 15 mph

Mark Dolheimer (L), Ron Malcom, Gary Ranck, Philip Eberts, Roger Wright, John Landis, Sue Flaxman, Dave Wilson, Dave Raup, Erin Schuetz, Paul Piergallini, Ed Maff, Jay Stefanic, Rodney Rodgers, Gary Kelley, Howard Carey, Kevin Mullen

A crowd circled as 6 pm arrived with a determined group eager to ride on a hot summer-like evening. The group had varied speed in their legs and the leader had plotted a max-distance ride, so the pace was on the fast side for a breezy flat ride to Carlisle with some long stretches on Creek Rd and the length of Old Stonehouse Rd and other roads where the fast riders could take off ahead while the leader doubled back. Gary and Howard broke off on their own from Old Stonehouse, and Kevin bid farewell and sped straight ahead on Claremont as the group turned onto Army Heritage for a quick stop at Sheetz. Aside from a few dropped chains, it was a good ride that got better as the sun retreated and the breeze turned cooler.