Tuesday, August 08, 2017 - 6:01 pm
Lenker Park B Ride. 30.6miles @ 14 mph

Robert Martin (L), Mark Holmgren

We had over 2100 foot of ascent.  We went part way up Blue Mountain parallel to the Parkway, then later went up State Farm Drive for a short, but steep ascent  The ride otherwise was a rolling one, with some large rollers or the East Parkway.  Later, a missed turn and a little naïveté in one neighborhood reduced our speed until we successfully made our way out and back on the route.  The street sign labeling confused this leader.  The upshot is that an unfamiliar set of streets in an otherwise well known area is better known.  Mark rode to the park and branched home on Red Top Road.  The leader picked up the pace to successfully get back to the park before sunset and did so.  As of late, it appears that we have had low light before sunset hastening the end of the ride.  The solution is to stick to the clock.


1) the leaders front wheel is our of round, making descents testy.  Since the ride, the wheel has been trued.

2) The Barametric altimeter on the leaders Garmin showed better that 200' of gain over the Ride with GPS website.  The reasoning is that the barometric altimeter is more accurate.

3)  The leader will plan rides by the clock, thereby getting in longer rides before sunset on these shorter daylight periods.