Saturday, August 12, 2017 - 8:30 am
Saturday Morning D+ Ride. 20.2miles @ 11.6 mph

Richard Radwanski (L), Nicholas Pappas, Mary Beth Yandrasitz (S).

These are highly unusual weather patterns, considering we're getting into the middle of August. At our pre-ride briefing, we discussed the importance of obeying all traffic regulations, especially considering the recent craziness between motor vehicles and bicycles. Three of us took off from the Middle Road Lot at Memorial Lake, with this being Nick's first ride with our group. The morning was overcast, humid, damp, dreary, cloudy....take your pick of terms. Fortunately, no rain occurred throughout the ride, though the last few miles had our glasses fogging and misting up. Traffic on these rural roads was minimal, with the exception of the area at Hollywood Casino. Apparently, it's never dreary enough to dampen the desire to strike it rich at the casino. Even considering the weather, it's always good to be out on a Saturday morning bike ride. Join us next week. Refer to the below ride link for route details.