Saturday, August 12, 2017 - 8:30 am
Saturday Morning C Ride. 27.1miles @ 13.1 mph

Larry Riley (L), Hale Baker, Lori Brulo, Ken Frohnert, Jeff Imbrognio, Diane Kripas, Chet Lubecki, Joanne Martin, Dick Norford, Howard Ross, Mike Sheehan, Kelly Stroup, Felix Thau, Cristina Truica, Susan Tussey, Chris Wright, Al Brulo (S).

The roads on this mid-August morning were still damp from the overnight rain and the sky was still a cloudy gray, but the temperature was in the cool sixties, humidity was low and the forecast looked favorable for completing our ride before it rained again.  We welcomed Howard back who returned to riding less than two weeks after successful surgery and he seemed to be as strong as ever.

At the pre-ride briefing we discussed what we could do to improve relations between cyclists and the motoring public.  Everyone agreed that obeying traffic laws would set a good example and increase respect from those observing our actions.  

We then had a very enjoyable, but uneventful ride from Palmyra to Colebrook and back.  We stopped at the "Three Red Bikes" display near Colebrook and Lawn Roads to pay our respect with a moment of silence for Tom Bey and the others who were injured in this horrific incident.  We all wish Tom the very best and are praying for him.  

Once in Colebrook, we took our halfway point break at the Lebanon Valley Rail Trail before filling a few water bottles at the coin operated spring water dispenser.  Inflation is affecting everything, even water.  It used to be .25 cents per gallon but now you get only 3/4 gallon for the same price.

We returned to the parking lot on schedule at approximately 11:30 am where the pre-ride discussion about improving relationships with motorists continued.  Nine riders then went to Soprano's Pizza Shop in Campbelltown for lunch.

Thanks to Al for doing another A Plus job sweeping and keeping everyone together.

The following link shows the exact route and other ride data: