Tuesday, September 12, 2017 - 6:01 pm
East Shore Tuesday Ride. 14.7miles @ 12.7 mph

Chris Wright (L), Al Brulo, Lori Brulo, Tara Shade, Larry Riley, Mike Kirkham, Cathy Kirkham, Howard Ross, Ken Frohnert, Al Brulo (S).

A hardy group of 9 riders assembled at Wildwood Lake for this week’s East Shore Tuesday ride.  After last night’s debacle that saw me turn a simple bent Presta valve into a seized axle, it was a pleasure to be back on the bike again.  Kudos to Bill Graham for stepping into the Ride Leader role last night, and to the magicians at Pedal Pusher for getting me back on the road quickly.

Howard and Ken had already put in 9 miles with a 5pm pre-ride, so we did our quick intro and rode away from the nature lovers at Wildwood via the back roads, heading east towards Linglestown.  Great sweeping duties by Al had us in such tight formation all night that it would have been understandable if bystanders thought we were Team Sky on a training run.  We crossed over Linglestown Road and enjoyed touring Howard’s neighborhood and even ran into Amanda Harrison coming back from a solo ride. 

At mile 9 we took a break and under the category of “it’s a small world” discovered that Cathy currently manages the place of business where Chris had his very first job (redacted) years ago.    With daylight waning we chopped off a mile or so and came back west via Linglestown Rd.  We ended with a strong run down Industrial Road that was just like the Paris-Roubaix cobblestone sprint if you ignore the fact that neither Paris nor Roubaix were evident.

Other than a large dose of gnats that we all dealt with, the ride was free of mechanical issues, people falling over, or any such drama.  A nice night to ride with enjoyable company.  Total 14.7 miles at a 12.7 mph pace, ride link below.