Sunday, September 10, 2017 - 6:01 pm
Hershey C+ Ride. 21miles @ 15.2 mph

David Erb (L), Paul Piergallini, Dave Cutcliff, Mike Deiling, Vern Croxall, Benay Nachin, Julie and Brandt Groh, Betsy Thompson, Jeff Spangler, Claire de Boer, Craig Shambough, Dave Cutcliff (S).

We decided to ride a C++ as the days are getting shorter and all were in good riding form from a nice riding season. We had a 21 mile route with a 19 mile shorter option. All decided to do the longer version which allowed us to head out Longview road, past the horse farms, and back via a loop around Cockley road and Strites Roads. We were done just a few minutes past the 7:21 sunset. Thanks all for joining the fun. Thanks, Dave Cutcliff, for sweeping. 

About 1200' vertical