Wednesday, September 20, 2017 - 8:00 am
Other Special Rides Ride. 47.5miles @ 12 mph

John Donoughe (L), Patty/Bill Baughman Karen Niebelink Joan/Jay Thome

Fall Tour to Cape May - Ronks to Newark, DE

Steve Niebelink turned into the six-pack support driver for the rest of the trip to CM. He'll drive his car the rest of the way. amaged ribs are the cause. The Thome's started from the beginning today.  Our first challenge today was ascending to the top of Strasburg Ridge on Iva Road.  We thanked God when we used the church at the top for a well deserved rest.  Our next tradional point of  nterest was the somewhat mandatory stop at the A.B. Orchard and Cider press just east of Nickle Mines on White Oak Road.  Well, what goes down eventually goes up, so we decended down into the next valley.  After we cross the Bailey's Crossroad covered bridge, we had another climb of interest into Cockranville where we took a break at the Turgey Hill on PA-41.  After the break, our pack stayed on Daleville Road until intersecting PA 796.  The official route deviated and gave up the highground while we stayed up on the ridge.  Everyone on tour ate luch in Jennerville at various restaurants.   After Jennersville, the route used a nice selection of country roads and one intermediate climb into Kemblesville.  That got us on Appleton Road toward Milburn Orchards, the last traditional stop on this day of Fall Tour.  Ice cream, apple cider donuts and other goodies were had by all.  The last leg of the ride used a route pioneered by Bill Baughman to avoid some nasty roads getting into Newark, DE.   The Red Roof in was used here for lodging, but next year a change needs to be made to a better facility.