Tuesday, November 14, 2017 - 1:00 pm
East Shore Flex Ride. 29.3miles @ 11.4 mph

Chris Wright (L), Al Brulo, Lori Brulo, Howard Ross, Larry Riley, Mike Loomis, Al Brulo, Larry Riley (S).

Today’s ride was advertised as an “urban adventure” and it certainly lived up to both of those descriptors.  Mike Loomis joined us and six of us departed from Koons Park in overcast, cool conditions.  Heading into the Forest Hills area we experienced a series of minor issues related to shifters, chains, etc…like our bikes were telling us winter is coming.  We chopped off a short leg of the ride and headed down Linglestown Rd and into Harrisburg.

By some cosmic coincidence we happened to ride down 6th Street on the one day every one hundred years that they pave that street.  We navigated through that and enjoyed the massive piles of leaves in front of classic mid-century modern homes.  We then jumped on the Greenbelt path along a deserted Front St and enjoyed the nice fall views of the Susquehanna before crossing over the Walnut St bridge for a nice break on City Island.

Heading back north on the Greenbelt path we cut across town on Maclay St, which was a new experience for some riders.  We kept a tight single file formation and turned left into the deserted Farm Show parking lot, then headed north thru HACC.  We stopped to admire the Dero Fixit station and soon ran into HBC member Cindy Hogeman, who was doing trail maintenance. 

Our return route passed by several riders’ homes so Howard, Larry, and Susan peeled off one by one and the rest of us got back to Koons Park just in time to catch the entertaining spectacle of someone trying to teach a teenager to drive in the parking lot.  Yikes. 

Thanks to Al and Larry for taking good care of the sweep position.  Ride link below.