Saturday, December 02, 2017 - 9:00 am
Saturday Morning C Ride. 26.7miles @ 12.9 mph

Chris Wright (L), Lori Brulo, Hale Baker, Scott Silverstine, Howard Ross, Richard Green, Rod Murray, Chris Ditlow, Pam Gingrich, Kelly Stroup, Joanne Martin, Cindy Hogeman, Sonja Williams, Jim Kearns, Amanda Harrison (S).

It's 27 deg F at the departure point...who's going to show up to ride when it's this cold??

15 hardy riders!  What a great turnout for a December morning.  We convened at the Conewago Rail Trail head and headed northeast.  Tackling the 6% grade on Hill Rd woke everyone up at 2 miles and we followed Valley Rd, Mapledale, and Colebrook roads towards Mt Gretna.  We stopped at the rail trail lot on Rte 117 for a bathroom/snack break, and 2 riders peeled off to return via the rail trail since they had early afternoon commitments.  The remaining 13 of us rode into Mt Gretna and looped around back down 117, then took Rte 241 the whole way into Elizabethtown.  This was a rarely used route for us and provided nice scenery, gently rolling hills, and abundant sunshine.  There was one strong hill going into Elizabethtown and then we took Rte 230 the rest of the way back, finishing with a nice 1 mile downhill at the end.

As anticipated, our pace for the first leg was around 11.6 mph and the return leg was a good bit quicker due to the downhills.  We came in with an overall average of 12.9 mph and about 900 ft of climb.   I was especially impressed with how well everyone stayed together and my thanks to Amanda Harrison for doing an outstanding job as Sweep.