Saturday, December 02, 2017 - 9:00 am
Saturday Morning D+ Ride. 16.1miles @ 10.7 mph

Richard Radwanski (L), Jack Boger, Jill Bradley, Sandy Evans, Dave Serff (S).

It was a bit brisk, with temps around 30 degrees, to start our ride on this otherwise beautiful morning. Immediately prior to the five of us leaving the Middle Rd. Lot at Memorial Lake State Park, we were treated to a low fly over by one of the areas majestic bald eagles. That provided some early excitement to our day. The park and area roadways subsquently had few vehicles and people. We rode through the Upper Road Lot and took the trail across the dam breast pathway. A short ride on Memorial Lake Rd. led us to Rt443, where we headed west to an empty Levitz Park. The exception was the park caretaker's dog who ran out to greet our arrival.  From the park we rode back east arriving at, and circling through, the lake Lower Rd. Lot, then to our starting location at the Middle Rd. Lot. This circuit was approximately 7 miles in total length. On our second circuit, the group decided to forego the Upper Lot Rd. trail and take Memorial Lake Rd, including the dam breast hill, around the lake. After again riding to Levitz Park and back, we continued east on Rt443, onto Asher Miner Rd, and Boundary Rd, before returning to our starting point, for a 16.1 mile ride total. We're going to add this route to our ride group options in the future. Minimal elevation changes, optional distances, and little traffic make it a great D Plus for both new and experienced riders alike. Refer to the below ride link for route details.