Saturday, December 09, 2017 - 9:00 am
Saturday Morning C Ride. 30miles @ 13 mph

Albert T Brulo (L), Lori Brulo, Hale Baker, Chris Wright, Larry Riley, Howard Ross, Joanne Martin, Jim Kearns, Amanda Harrison (S).

Ride Name:          Boyds to Hollywood Casino

Start Location:      Boyds Parking Lot

Climb:                   1,200 ft.

Weather At Start:  28 degrees (dropped to 26 degrees at end), overcast, and calm

A group of 9 tenacious riders braved the snowy and cold forecast for what turned out to be a dry, cold and calm ride.  We’ve all ridden in colder and windy weather so this turned out to be not so bad weather, but also not so good.  Everyone I spoke to was pleasantly comfortable for the conditions with the exception of a few who experienced cold fingers.  Hale said “This is my last ride with cold hands…”.  Thankfully, he finished the sentence with “…because I’m getting battery heated gloves!”.  We all would have missed him this season.

We rode down the hill from Boyd’s parking lot and headed east on Route 443.  We turned onto Sleepy Hollow Road and went about 1/3 up the mountain before turning onto Pine Tree Avenue and getting back onto Route 443 to head further east.  We also turned at Manada Bottom Road and then took our familiar Ridge Road route out to the Hollywood Casino.  Our midpoint stop was at the Exxon convenience store on Bow Creek Road.  We then took Route 443 all the way back to Boyds and climbed, climbed & climbed up the driveway up to the parking lot.  We spotted a few flakes of snow during the last 2-3 miles.  Other than spotting a few flakes (not the other bikers or the runner that we saw), there were no issues and we had a safe ride.  And, we all returned home to the snow that thankfully held off for our ride.

Thanks to Amanda for doing a great job sweeping and especially for sharing her homemade Swedish chocolate cookies…yummy!



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