Thursday, January 11, 2018 - 10:00 am
Silver Spokes Email Ride Ride. 42.5miles @ 12.8 mph

Cynthia Gorski (L), Dave Kurth, Mike Loe, Howard Davison, Rhonda Peck, Ray Kanth

The day was gloomy with lots of cloud cover and grey skies and I think anyone staying indoors would think it was cold and miserable looking.  Not the case at all for the six riders gathering at Joe Carr.  The mild temperature today made for a very pleasant ride.  We headed toward Carlisle to ride along the scenic backroads.  The winter gives such a different perspective and opens up our sight distance creating vast open fields.  Ray had not ridden in a while and was apprehensive about riding 42 miles so he and Dave turned right on Alexander Springs (to cut off 10 miles) when the rest of us turned left.  Well not really the rest of us made that left because the jack rabbits Mike and Howard were ahead of the leader and “assumed” we were continuing straight ahead.  As Rhonda and I turned left we caught a glimpse of Howard and Mike and thought “they are on their own ride”, but the “we can’t do that to them” side of us came out and we turned around to catch up to them.  I changed the route a bit to allow for the “detour” and before you knew it we were back on track.  Dave and Ray stopped at the Walnut Bottom Diner to enjoy a late breakfast and by the time the rest of us got to Kmart, they were finished and we regrouped for the ride back – perfect timing!  The sky looked like it was ready to burst open with rain but it seemed to clear up as we headed east.  We rode by Walmart, through the school on the bike path and past the Carlisle airport to Forge Rd.  Rhonda dropped off to head home as we turned on Lindsey and we made it back happy to have ridden before the cold weekend keeps us in.  It was a great WSW and Silver Spokes ride!