Saturday, February 17, 2018 - 9:30 am
Saturday Morning D+ Ride. 20.6miles @ 11.1 mph

Richard Radwanski (L), Dave Serff, Amanda Harrison

Even if you are a dedicated winter rider, this winter has posed quite a few weekend weather ride cancellations. As a result, this morning's weather of around 30 degrees, bright sunny skies and no wind had us excited to ride, though physical conditioning seemed to be a concern. Amanda, who hadn't been riding for a few weeks, decided to forego her normal C group ride and head out with us. The three of us left Memorial Lake and rode east along Biddle Rd, Quartermaster Rd, and Fisher Ave into Bordnersville. The first few slight climbs felt like mountains on the legs. From there, we headed along the mountains on Fort Swatara Rd and made our way to Swatara Park for a short mid-ride break along the Swatara Creek. Recent heavy rains in the area had the creek rather high and flowing very fast. We then traveled west along another section of Fort Swatara Rd, and took Fisher and Clement Aves back through Fort Indiantown Gap toward Memorial Lake. We took a short detour to check out the eagles nest at Marquette Lake but noted no activity there. The ride was that enjoyable that at the end, the three of us decided to cruise the loop around the Lake for a couple of miles of additional ride time. Shortly after arriving back at our starting point, the Saturday Morning C group returned from their ride and riders from both groups enjoyed some friendly conversation with each other. Refer to the below link for ride details.