Saturday, March 10, 2018 - 10:00 am
West Shore Weekend Email Ride Ride. 48miles @ 13 mph

Jim Thomas (L), Cindy Gorski, Mike Loe, Ed Maff, Kieth Spangler, Dave Kurth, Rhonda Peck, Howard Davidson, Ellen Thomas (S).

Today's WSW ride had a remote start at Oakside Park in Biglerville. This was the WSW ride to Tic-Toc for daylight savings! Nine intrepid riders participated in a chilly, windy ride with a fair amount of climbing. The course wandered from Biglerville, to Gettysburg, to Fairfield, to Cashtown, to Tic-Toc, then down the Narrows back to Biglerville. We fought the wind much of the ride and had some stiff climbs heading into Fairfield and the 4 miles up Old Lincoln Hwy from Cashtown to Tic-Toc. I was totally spent by this point and led the ride up the hill from the rear!  We bypassed Mr. Ed's up at Tic-Toc but did stop at the Mary Jemison statue above Buchanan Valley. (She was captured 260 years ago in a frontier raid by the Seneca Indians). The route offered nice vistas with little traffic and all riders enjoyed the ride. As the ride was 48 miles long, several of the cyclists showed their true OCD side and rode around the Park area to get to an even 50 miles.