Sunday, March 11, 2018 - 11:30 am
West Shore Weekend Email Ride Ride. 36miles @ 12.8 mph

Cynthia Gorski (L), Anthony Zullo, Maggie Emery, Ed Maff, Dave Kurth, Lou Searles, Mark Dolheimer, John Landis, Chris Ditlow, Ed Cashin, Ed McMullin, Terry Neiles, Terry Drachbar, Pam Spence, Bob Schmidlein

Twelve riders gathered and were ready to take off at 11:30 AM, but there was no sign of Anthony, our guest of honor.  I knew he was riding in with Dave Kurth but it is not like them to be late.  A group of us headed out to go find them thinking they may have had a flat.  We found them turning onto Rt. 174 and Lou was with them.  I’m not sure if it was sleeping in, slow riding or what but we all decided it was Lou’s fault!  We escorted the three late arrivals to the start, gathered up the others and took off.  We rode to Mt. Holly Springs taking Rt. 174 and Zion Rd.  The Carlisle gang broke off in Boiling Springs and took Park Dr. instead, so we regrouped at the end of Mill Rd. and then made our way to Dickinson Township.  We hit some hills along Dickinson Rd. and turned right onto Rt. 174 to Burnthouse Rd.  Chris and Ed C. broke off there to head back.  The hills on Burnthouse Rd. caused me to fall to the back of the group and when we arrived at our turn onto Alexander Spring Rd. most of the group had gone straight.  Only three loyal riders stayed with me (Mark, Dave and John).  This was no problem because we all knew we were stopping at the Sheetz.  The first group beat us there by taking Rt. 11 as my group took Alexander Spring to Shagbark.  We enjoyed a nice break visiting with Anthony and then the Carlisle bunch broke off and the remaining eight of us headed back.  The route back was rolling and my legs were feeling every hill from riding yesterday up to Tic Toc.  Back at the parking lot we said our goodbyes to Anthony and he, Dave and Lou rode off to head home.  It was an extra special WSW ride  because Anthony was riding with us!