Sunday, March 11, 2018 - 1:30 pm
East Shore Flex Ride. 22miles @ 10 mph

Albert T Brulo (L), Lori Brulo, Howard Ross, Hale Baker, Ken Frohnert, Tonja Williams, Diana Bermingham, Scott Silverstine, Felix Thau, Chris Wright, Paul Piergallini (S).


Name:                  Greenbelt

Start Location:      City Line Diner

Climb:                   700 ft.

Weather At Start:  42 degrees, sunny, and 5 mph N wind


We all enjoyed a nice easy sun-filled ride around the Emerald Necklace.  We added a few extra miles by biking up the spur to the base of Veterans Park and looping around the baseball field on City Island.  Since most everyone was on road bikes, we bypassed the gravel trail behind PENNDOT by taking Sycamore Street to South Cameron Street.  Also, Howard once again led a contingent of bikers from the Gold's Gym area to the Greenbelt adding another 10 miles to their ride...this is called the East Shore Flex Ride!

I’d like to add that we had no gate issues like last week when we found the gate to the trail on South Cameron Street unlocked (Thanks to Cindy for taking care of that) and no bikers lost a game of chicken with the gate on the alley behind the HACC buildings.

We all learned the answer to Saturday’s burning physics question…we focus on the object, not on the bike mirror.

And, finally, Ken asks Cindy if 1 is a crocus, are 2 or more croci?  

Thanks to Paul for doing a great job sweeping.


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