Saturday, April 14, 2018 - 9:00 am
Saturday Morning Social Ride. 27miles @ 12.9 mph

Chris Wright (L), Mike Loomis, Rodney Rodgers, Hale Baker, Phyllis Zitzer, Susan Tussey, Howard Ross, Cristina Truica, Joanne Martin, Ann Mahalik, Amanda Harrison, Paul Piergallini, Jim Kearns, Laurie Atherholt, Bill Pickering (S).

What a beautiful morning for a bike ride!  With mild temperatures, plenty of sunshine, and little wind, we had 15 folks turn up for our Saturday Morning Social C ride.  We were thinking of Al and Lori Brulo and hoping they were carb loading in Boston as we welcomed several folks who were either new to this ride or coming out of hibernation from the winter.  Rodney Rodgers joined us from the West Shore and we also got to see Ann Mahalik's sporty new bike.

Our route departed from the Colebrook parking lot near the Conewago Recreation Trail and headed northeast.  Going up Hill Rd at mile 2 got us all loosened up and we enjoyed the beautiful countryside until a break at mile 10 for restrooms and a snack.   Along the way we saw lots of other riders, including a group of 6 HBC folks on a different ride.

Entering Mt. Gretna we took a spin around the lake, which was more like a stream due to the annual draining for maintenance.  We stopped under the trees for a bit and headed back down Rte 117.  There were a lot of hikers, tiny bikers and other folks enjoying the trail in all directions.

We stayed on Rte 241 towards Elizabethtown and enjoyed the scenery except for one motorist who felt compelled to stop and let us know how displeased he was with our 15 person contingent slowing him down.  We thanked him for his thoughts and wished him a nice day.  After a quick dip into Elizabethtown we took Rte 230 North and ended the ride with a fun 1 mile downhill run back to the parking lot. 

With a group this big it is challenging to stay together so my thanks to Bill Pickering for his always stellar sweeping leadership, and to Jim Kearns for bridging the gaps when needed.  Although today's route was only 930 feet of elevation climb (which is low by Central PA standards), it did include 2 significant hills and all riders did a great job getting up those. 

Average speed was 12.9 mph and total distance was 27 miles.  Ride link is below.