Saturday, April 14, 2018 - 8:30 am
West Shore Weekend Email Ride Ride. 59miles @ 13.5 mph

Cynthia Gorski (L), Bonnie Iorfido, Howard Davison, Mike Loe, Sharon Reilly, Dave Kurth, Jeff Shank, Maggie Emery, Dennis Schad, Emery Ehrenfeld, John Landis, Ellen Thomas, Chris Seier (S).

It was a beautiful summer like day so we took advantage of it while it lasted by riding to New Oxford.  I thank Mike Loe for showing me this route.  I loved the square in New Oxford and wanted to go back and explore the coffee shop and bakery so I rerouted it a bit getting rid of some of Mikes hills – sorry Mike, I had to do it.   Eleven of us took off and rode to South Mountain Elementary where we picked up John who wanted a shorter route.  We followed Mountain Rd. to the end over Rt. 15.  Oh the joy of the descent with curves on gravel free roads!  You know it is riding season when the roads have been swept.  We climbed several hills and picked up Ellen along Gun Club Rd.  We had somewhat of a head wind on the way to New Oxford but it wasn’t too bad. After crossing Rt. 234 we took Oxford Rd. 8 miles to the square.  There we rested and enjoyed delicious baked goods and beverages.  We celebrated Mike’s birthday (this Tuesday) by singing Happy Birthday and having him blow out his birthday candle in a giant sugar cookie which we shared.  We headed back making another stop at the Rutter’s in East Berlin and found out Chris’s rear derailleur cable broke.  He did a quick fix giving him a good climbing gear in the back and two chain rings in the front to choose from.   Knowing Chris might have some problems getting back we decided to split up into two groups.  Mike took the fast group with most of the riders while Dave, John, Ellen, Bonnie and I stayed with Chris.   We stopped at the turn on Stoney Point Rd. to say our goodbyes to Ellen who was heading home and Mike’s group appeared from the left.  Guess he took them a longer way up some hill!  We made our way to Franklin Church Hill Rd. and found Jeff Shank who had dropped off from Mike’s group with a leg cramp.  I gave him a packet of prepared mustard which stopped the cramping, but he had to down two more packets 8 miles later when the cramping came back.  John broke off to get back to the high school and the rest of us finished at Joe Carr. This was only Chris's 4th or 5th ride for the year and he did exceedingly well considering his lack of riding, the distance and a broken cable, way to go Chris! It was a long wonderful WSW ride on a gorgeous spring, no summer day (a bit too hot for spring).