Saturday, May 12, 2018 - 8:30 am
West Shore Weekend Email Ride Ride. 32miles @ 12.2 mph

Cynthia Gorski (L), Chris Seier, Dave Kurth, Howard Davison, John Landis, Liz Graybill, Kelly Szymczyk

Our Mount St. Mary’s ride got canceled today because of the 70% chance of thunderstorms at 2PM.  Well, that didn’t happen and the day turned out to be dry and fine for riding.  Our new route took us to Dillsburg.  Six of us, including Liz, a new WSW rider, left from Joe Carr and Kelly joined us on Eppley Rd. making seven of us.  We took Winding Hill to the descent on Mt. Allen Dr. and turned onto McCormick Rd.  I haven’t been on McCormick in awhile and it was wonderful.  I love riding through the woods and along creeks and streams.  Everything was vibrant green and it was quiet, except for the singing birds and our own chattering.  We climbed up Saw Mill Rd., the one good climb and then rode through the Mount Pleasant area.  On Siddonsburg Rd. many of the riders passed me by and as they did I informed them that we would be turning on Fileys Rd.  By the time I got to the turn Howard had passed it and was so far ahead of the group that he did not hear our whistles as we tried to call him back.  We made the turn and Chris waited there at the intersection in hopes that Howard would realize no one was behind him and turn around.  Chris did see Howard coming back up the hill but once he got close Chris realized this cyclist in red wasn’t Howard.  We wanted to phone Howard but none of us had his number so we continued on hoping to see him at our rest stop, the Tobacco Store on Rt. 15.  After 5 more miles we arrived, but no Howard.  Chris checked radar and the rain was now coming in around 4PM.  We returned through Dillsburg and had to detour around the Greenbriar Picklefest Street Fair.  As we were making our way back Kelly broke off on Williams Grove Rd. and Dave broke off on Park Dr.  The rest of us returned to Joe Carr – again no Howard.  Since we had some more time before the rain I offered to continue the ride a bit but there were no takers.  I wanted to ride more so I decided to go look for Howard.   It didn’t take me long, I found him on Old Stonehouse Rd. and he agreed to do another loop.  We rode another 20 miles and talked about many things including his adventure getting back from Dillsburg today without a phone.  Turns out he left his phone in the car so even if we did have his number it wouldn’t have helped.  Also he saw that cyclist in red and he was right behind him coming back up the hill.  Unfortunately Chris did not see him and when Howard asked some people if they saw a group of cyclists they sent him the opposite direction down Grantham Rd.  (There were a lot of cyclists out today).  All in all it worked out in the end, and we all stayed dry and had a great WSW ride!