Monday, May 14, 2018 - 6:00 pm
Hershey C Ride. 24.5miles @ 13 mph

Jim Buckheit (L), Al Brulo, Lori Brulo, Mike Kirkham, Cathy Kirkham, Keith Marks, Lauren Dungan-Shope, Joanne Martin, Karen Wagner, William Graham (S), Bruce Fields , William Graham (S).

Storm clouds lurked to our West as 11 confident cyclists gathered at Briarcrest Square for the Monday evening “C” ride. The strategy for tonight’s ride was to stay within easy reach of our starting point should we need to quickly return to the start should the heavens open upon us.  


Not far behind the C+ group, we headed up Bachmanville Road, a hawk was eating his dinner a few feet to the side of the road. Soon we climbed our longest, steepest climb of the evening. Gathering for a brief break at Schoolhouse Road we then turned to northeast and glided along nearly 3 miles enjoying several fun downhills. Reaching Palmyra we proceeded up Lingle Avenue where a light drizzle started. With the sky darkening and the roads starting to get wet, we stopped at the intersection of Lingle Avenue and Hersheypark Drive to discuss whether we should return to Briarcrest Square. With brighter skies to the north we decided to continue. Reaching Route 743 we turned right onto a potholed, rough Bindnagle Road and rode smack into view of two large deer boldly standing in the center of the road. Our strategy proved successful as the sky brightened and we came upon dry road as we turned onto Gravel Hill Road, Pine Road and East Canal Road before reaching Hershey just as the Sun was glowing as it set on the horizon. 


Much thanks to Bill Graham for his care and support of riders as tonight’s sweep. 



And a hearty welcome to Bruce Fields for experiencing his first Briarcrest Square ride.