Monday, May 14, 2018 - 6:01 pm
Hershey C+ Ride. 25miles @ 14.2 mph

Mark Riordan (L), Paul Bender Mike Dieling Brandt Groh Julia Groh John Holmes Dennis Mahaffey Paul Piergallini Craig Shambaugh Justin Schetrompf , Mark Riordan (S).


The riders who live and die by the colors on their Smart Phones stayed home tonight (or never left the parking lot) while the three scheduled Hershey rides headed out.  Ten riders headed out on the C+, climbing up Bachmanville Rd towards Gretna.  The clouds looked threatening, causing the ride pace to creep up enough where the entire group was able to have a picnic at the top of Bachmanville Rd while waiting for the leader to catch up.  After a brief stop for the leader and a long stop for the group, we continued east towards Upper Lawn   From Upper Lawn, we headed back towards “the Valley” by going up and over Mount Pleasant Rd, where another mountain top picnic took place.  After descending and picking up Brandt Rd towards Campbelltown, rain drops started and the wind really picked up.  But only to make us nervous and the weather held all the way back to Briarcrest.  A gorgeous evening for a ride.