Tuesday, June 12, 2018 - 6:00 pm
Upper Allen Friendship Park D Ride. 18miles @ 9.5 mph

Mary McClain (L), Dave Moyer, Jill Bradley, Mary Beth Landrositz, Jeff Goss (S).

What a gorgeous evening for riding outside!   We rode through Mechanicsburg and New Kingstown, making a quick bathroom break at the fire house.   Then a still, small voice made a request: “Let’s stop for a slice of pizza!”  That seemed to be the recurring theme for the evening for this, shall-be-unnamed rider (hint-related to MBM).   After admiring the horses at Hempt Farms, we headed up Woods Drive to Hogestown Rd.  With Mulberry St bridge is still out, we headed on to Pleasant View Rd to pick up Mulberry.  We had a quick break at Rutter, where again, there was a mention of pizza – this time as padding for his shorts, since there was a declamation of a sore tush!   We sped down Williams Grove to get back to the park before dark, losing Mary Beth at the high school (the lure of pizza was too much for her and she headed home).