Tuesday, June 12, 2018 - 6:00 pm
East Shore Tuesday Ride. 22.7miles @ 12.8 mph

Mike Loomis (L), Tara Shade, Hale Baker,Bruce Fields, Mike Kirkam, Cathy Kirkam, Laurie Atherholt,Karen Wagner, Ken Villwock, Kristina Truica, Felix Thau (S).

On a sunny cool Tuesday evening we pedaled out of Koon's Park and promptly got lost. I should say the leader got lost. Oh well rerouting was quick and off we zig zagged and took a quick head count at Manor Park before crossing over 39 and sped down Allentown Blvd. to make a left onto Manada Bottom. A right, a left, another left and down Golf Road for our break at the golf course. I rousted the riders with a "tally ho" and was prompted that instead I say "fore!".  Off we went crossing back over Manada to Moyer and after regathering once or twice we crossed Linglestown Road at the church and back through the maze neighborhood to Koons Park. Thanks to everyone for coming out!