Sunday, June 17, 2018 - 1:30 pm
Mech HS C Ride. 28miles @ 13 mph

Maggie Emery (L), John Gehrlein, Eileen McNulty, Gary Ranck

After bidding John and Gary a happy Father's Day, the four of us set out from Mechanicsburg on a hot but beautiful day. Eileen is a new club member who has done most of her riding on trails. Welcome, Eileen! Our destination was Carlisle, via Boiling Springs. We took Eppley Road to South Locust Point Road, then Sheaffer Road to York Road. We enjoyed the shade along Creek Road and waved to the sunburned folks floating in the Yellow Breeches. When we reached Boiling Springs, no one needed a stop, so we proceeded a few miles along Forge Road and turned right on Mayapple Drive. This was (to me) a different way of getting to Carlisle, and I appreciate John pointing it out. We turned left onto York Road and right on Fairview Street. We stopped at the Sheetz near Trindle Road to top up our water bottles with ice. Then we took Army Heritage Drive to Claremont, made a left onto South Middlesex Road and a right on Old Stonehouse Road. We turned left onto Appalachian Drive and spotted a hiker resting near the Appalachian Trail. With all the gear he was carrying, he may have been a through hiker. After meandering through the trailer park (with its nasty speed bumps) and doing a short stint on the Carlisle Pike, we rode through New Kingstown and back to the high school. A great day with great company!