Saturday, July 07, 2018 - 9:00 am
Mech HS C Ride. 27miles @ 12.5 mph

Marilyn Chastek (L), Rick Shirk, Lorna Showers, Carol Varanu, Bill & Patty Baughman, Marisol Barrios, Dave Gianoni, Gary Ranck, Jamie Spangler, Rick Skaare, Dave Young (S).

It was a beautiful morning for a bike ride, with clear skies and cool temperatures....a big relief after the oppressive weather we had earlier this week. This was Rick's first group ride and first ride on his road bike, so he got plenty of coaching and did well.  We rode a loop to South Middleton Park, where we took a break before riding back along Tanger and Mountain Road, enjoying some good conversation along the way. Thanks to Dave for sweeping, although his job was pretty easy today, with everyone pretty much staying together and no mechanics cal problems.