Sunday, July 08, 2018 - 1:30 pm
Mech HS C Ride. 26miles @ 13 mph

Maggie Emery (L), Bonnie Boylan, Ron Malcom, Justin A. Schetrompf

It was a sun-drenched Sunday afternoon with low humidity -- perfect for a little climbing! The tradeoff was to do a few less miles. We turned left out of the high school and took Marble Street to Shepherdstown Road, where we made a right. Then we turned left on Elmwood and worked our way through various Mechanicsburg streets to Lower Allen Township. Ron decided he'd rather ride in the country, and left us around Lisburn Road. Our first climb was 12th Street in Lemoyne. That street becomes Erford Road, which we followed to Poplar Church Road, turning left and then right on Center Street, which becomes E. Penn Dr. A number of folks were in kayaks as we crossed the Conodoguinet Creek. We stopped at Adams-Ricci Park for a short break. Mindful of the speed bumps, we rode slowly out of the park, turning left onto Magaro Road, which becomes Bridge Road (anyone see a pattern here?) Then we turned left on Oyster Mill Road, which hugs the  creek. Finally it felt like we were out in the country! Then Oyster Mill gives way to Country Club Road, which we climbed up to Route 11/15. We were on that briefly before turning right onto Brentwater and weaving our way back to Mechanicsburg High School.

 It was surprising more people didn't come out on such a beautiful day, but we enjoyed the fresh air and one another's company.