Thursday, July 12, 2018 - 6:01 pm
Upper Allen Friendship Park C Ride. 23miles @ 12.7 mph

Doug Silvis (L), Jeanie S, Felix T, John G, Judy G, Gary R, Bob H, Dave G, Marisol B, Chris S, Rich S, Chandra B, Dave Y (S).


Having signed up late to be the ride leader, I wasn’t sure how many riders would be joining me on a rather warm but low humidity evening.  Boy was I surprised when I counted 11 folksbv ready to ride with one of them being Chandra who was making his first ride with the club…Welcome Chandra!!!  

Our ride was pretty uneventful for the first 16 miles as we meandered down towards Old Stonehouse Road and worked our way back towards Boiling Springs making a left onto Shugart and ending up in Churchtown on our way to Lutztown Road.  Once we made the left onto Baish we were immediately attacked by swarms of Nats that stayed with us for the next 3 miles.  These things were so bad Merisol suggested we name the ride the “Bug Infestation” ride….Once we crossed Lisburn with the bugs behinds us we made our way back via Stoner and snaked our way thru the housing community ending up back at the park. Thanks to Dave Y. for doing for doing a great job sweeping.