Thursday, July 19, 2018 - 6:01 pm
Upper Allen Friendship Park C Ride. 26.3miles @ 13 mph

David Young (L), Bill Baughman, Patty Baughman, Felix Thau, Howard Ross, Bob Haug, Molly Clark, Gary Ranck, Dan Giles, Tim Kaufman, Veronica Eubanks, Terry Turney, Lisa Hoerner, , Ed Cashin (S).

We had a larger than normal group for a Thursday evening in Mechanicsburg, possible due to the rain that came through before Tuesday evenings ride, which kept some people away.  We warmed up by going through the local developments near Freindship Park as we headed South to Grantham Rd, past Ashcombe's, onto Park Place, Heise, then left toward Boiling Springs via various roads.  Stopped near Cafe 101 for a water break, then out toward South Middleton Park, past South Mountain Dragway, and Mountain Rd back to almost Boiling Springs again.  But we took Leihdig Rd instead, to Creek Rd, Rt 74 for a short distance, then side roads back to Park Place, Williams Grove Rd, and Fisher Rd back to the Park.  It was a fantastic night to ride.  Everyone did well, and Ed Cashin did a great job as the Sweep keeping the group together.