Sunday, July 29, 2018 - 7:15 am
Owen's Sunday Sociable Ride. 9.3miles @ 9.3 mph

David Young (L), Diana Bermingham, Jill Bradley, Mathew Borrow, Doug Charney, Barbara Dellinger, Kelly Dygert, Dave Dygert, Donna Finn, Pat Gabriel, Mary Graci, George Haverstraw, Darbara Humphries, John Humphries, Nan Reisinger, Jeff Via, Colleen Westhafer, Holly Willard, Sonja Williams, Emilie Winters, C F Wong, Yvonne Kovak, Sharon Sanderson, Rink Cooper, Joann Cooper, Jane Shade, Rich Shirk, , Ross Willard (S).

We had a large group today, and probably the largest so far this year.  We had 27 riders.  With a large group, I did my best to keep the route simple, with no big climbs.  We took Market St to 4th, across the Mulberry St bridge onto Derry St to 18th st, Brookwood to 19th to Sycamore to the Greenbelt behind the Harrisburg Mall.  Then turned toward Cameron St on the Greenbelt, Cameron all the way to the road under the Mulberry St bridge to Market to 5th st, and added about a mile riding around the City while directing the group to Roxy's.  

Joining the group at Roxy's were Dean Giger, Nicole Haverstraw and her nephew Ely (visiting from Florida), Mary McClain, Mark Riordan, Mike McMullen, Dick Norford, and Martha Ruff.