Saturday, August 04, 2018 - 8:30 am
Saturday Morning C+ Ride. 38miles @ 15.2 mph

Paul Piergallini (L), Al Brulo, Frank Cousart, Loren Gifford, Jim Kearns, Robert Martin

Our ride left near the Conewago Trail Head along Route 230.  It was a warm, sunny  morning after an evening rain.  The Conewago Creek was nearly up to Hoffer Road as we began our initial stretch. We made our way up Hill Road and had our first encounter with the C ride, which got a slight head-start on us.   We picked up the Cancer Research Century route along 743 and took it into Elizabethtown.

We headed west on Route 230, passing our starting point and on toward Middletown, doing some long rolling hills.  We turned off the Cancer route at Schoolhouse Road, after following it for eight miles, and connected with Colebrook Road/Rt. 341.  After a few more miles, I unfortunately took a wrong turn near Deodate and inadvertently traveled along Old Hershey Road.  Jim helped us get back on track and suggested that we take Mapledale Road, where we saw multiple riders from the Hershey Chocolate Tour going in the opposite direction.  We made a brief stop, watching Howard Ross of the C group play his regular role as club mechanic.  We continued on through Upper Lawn and into Colebrook. 

Going back along Elizabethtown Road/Rt. 241 through Lawn, we  turned at Koser Road to Beverly.  As we went under 283, we turned left on Old Hershey Road and took the southerly route through Aberdeen, and finished on the newly paved Cassel Road, before being back on Rt. 230.  We pulled into the parking lot, right behind the C riders.

We logged almost 38 miles, at an average pace of just over 15 mph.  Ride with GPS showed an elevation gain of approximately 2,000 feet.